Korean barbecues are quite popular in Vietnam because of their good taste. Not too fussy in the way of processing, most dishes in the South are focused on keeping the natural flavor of dishes with yin and yang philosophy.

Coming to the restaurant, diners like the paradise of Korean food – a country famous for its unique culinary and flavorful.

Korean hotpot is the main menu of the restaurant, especially the grill is attractive both in taste as well as color.

The ingredients in the restaurant are meticulously cooked in the style of Korean cuisine – the hometown of barbecue and are served with Vietnamese tastes that are sure to satisfy every guest right from the first time. First enjoy.


Enjoy a cup of bold coffee and start the day with the light of coffee at the top of the Nam Hotel. Zoom into the beautiful beach of My Khe, you will be ready for work all day.

If you love light melodies, with a cocktail, try your hand at Billards, Darts, or simply sing with friends. It is hard to miss an exciting evening at the Bar at Nam Hotel.

We offer these advanced amenities free of charge until 31/05/2017 for guests booking at the hotel.


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