NAM Spa National help energy recovery, relieve fatigue, stress Jjim Jil Bang at South Spa is a style that is full of vitality. The strength of the South Spa is modern, luxurious space, the presentation of materials from bathing, sauna, sauna, massage … help you restore health, spirit of relaxation.

The highlight of the Korean spa is Jjim Jil Bang. Jjim jil (Sauna) Bang (Room) is a collective form of sauna, no age limit, occupational, in addition to bringing the feeling of relaxation, Jjim Jil Bang also help to detoxify the body, Body aches, sedative, good sleep …
Full range of spa services: body massage, salt rock salts, facial care, Hymalaya Salt Scrub, etc. In addition, Fat, body tonic, beauty skin …
The space is cozy, modern, spacious facilities.
Professional, friendly, enthusiastic staff.
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